Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Tube for Tots

Hi everyone,
I am at the stage when I am really looking forward to having no kids wearing nappies- but Sophie doesn't seem to be as keen for this to happen as I am!
Someone suggested that Bear in the Big Blue House and Elmo had some good video's that may help Sophie become more interested- but I couldn't find copies of these video's anywhere. Then I discovered the beta version of You Tube for young kids
I found both Bear and Elmo at Totlol- I don't know yet how Sophie is going to find these- but I found they were fantastic- they had M and I in stiches.


tbean said...

I also found They Might Be Giants Alphabet of Nations

Wenchilada said...

Pers isn't in any rush either, though she does love her undies. Apparently Avon sell an Elmo toilet trainer (how irritating would that be? But if it's effective...)

Yay for TMBG! Will have to go look at the site.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

the Dinghy shows no interest - he knows what it's all for, but when I ask if he wants to do anything, he just says no. gets a giggle out of a flushing toilet, but that's about it.

there's a couple of episodes of Maisy where she goes to the loo and brushes her teeth etc as part of her routine. in one of them she puts her panda on a potty next to the loo as she's going. it's cute. very low key. I like Maisy a lot, nice stuff. not girly or boy-y either. nice balance.

I figure we'll try in a couple of months when the weather is warm. like TDN(tm) says, who wants to go to the loo when the toilet seat's cold! ;-) they can also get some nudy-rudy no-nappy time outside when it doesn't matter if they wet themselves, too.

tbean said...

Yeah- I was wanting to leave toilet training until it was a bit warmer- and still probably will. But recently S has started to take off her nappy when she has done a big poo. This is not the way you want to enter her bedroom after she has had a nap. So I think it is going to have to be sooner rather than later.

Wenchilada said...

Pers has been doing the striptease if I don't get into her quick enough to get her out of her cot (attention, perhaps). Have tried toilet training her, but so far, unsuccessfully. It is starting to get cold here, so I'm thinking we will try again while in Oz for a couple of months.

The locals start to toilet train their kids at six months. They also let them wear these horrid split pants with no undies, so they just go anywhere, anytime (which is just revolting, really, especially in the kids playground on the slides!).

Mindy said...

G is sorta interested, but finds weeing on the loungeroom floor to be an excellent way of getting attention. Little sod. She took her nappy off this morning on her way to our bed, at 5.20am. So I had to stagger up the hall, find a new one and then wake up enough to put it on properly. I hope this doesn't become a habit.

I will be making good use of totlol tomorrow, I'm going to have the office to myself again, and C with me, so he can watch them while I watch Youtube. Excellent use of resources!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

Wenchy - have seen the split pants method in action, I find it really... not my scene. The Delightful Nanna saw people holding their children over bins when she was in China. mmmm. better than on the footpath, but still...

also, I think it's pretty borderline 'toilet training' at best. it's just doing a poo or wee without a nappy on. is there an association with bodily functions and going to the toilet? it's just knowing that a child generally goes to the toilet after food or drink. so you hold the baby over the toilet after a meal/drink. they still don't necessarily 'get' the concept for an awfully long time.

still, each to their own. just not on the slippery-dip that we use, thanks ;-)