Monday, September 01, 2008

Get Some Freaking Perspective!!!!!

There are many things that could be called child abuse.
Beating, raping or starving them for instance.
Putting them in childcare doesn't even come close.
No matter what Mem Fox says.
Comparing one to the other is insulting on so many levels.


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Mousicles said...

It's one way to get the papers to print your story. Say something outrageous. Hey, 6 months ago, St Noni said that letting your kids watch bad tv was child abuse.

You do have to wonder at the people who put 6 week old babies into care. Are they financially or emotionally cut out to be a parent?

Studies overseas have shown that being with the parent is best, but I don't think anyone will prove that the majority of children will the scarred for life by being in care.

It seems to be an accepted thing these days that large numbers of kids of all ages spend time in care while their parents stay full time employed.

I see groups of kids being escorted about in groups of after-school care or vacation care. I never had that as a kid. I couldn't identify with it at all. For the most part it's probably fun.

It looks to be a highly regulated life though. Not what I associate with being a kid.

Financially, we can cope on one income. Emotionally, I think I'd go nuts as a full time carer. But I did survive for the first year.

Mindy said...

I think some parents don't plan to put their kids in daycare at 6 weeks it just happens that they have to for some reason or another. I think as long as it's good quality daycare then you are going to be okay. This suggests that no one, and lets be honest that means no one apart from Mum, should be looking after your kids for you. Also I think some parents just have to take the plunge and have kids when they can because if they waited any longer they might run into fertility problems and face not having kids at all. If I were faced with the choice of having to put my child in care at 6 weeks or not having children at all, I'd still chose children. Selfish, maybe.

Wenchilada said...

Jeebus, Mem, that's a pretty bold statement!

Our new ayi started today and she's awesome. She keeps Pers away from the TV, gets her out and about and all I heard all day was giggles and laughing. She took Pers downstairs to the play area so she could interact with other kids and Ayi could proudly show her off.

Far from abuse.

I'm not sure what is more abusive, having a great ayi who worships my daughter or being forced to read 'Where is the green sheep?' over and over again...

spyder said...

Thanks Mem,because mothers don't feel guilty or inadequate enough about the choices they make.
You and Little Johnny have so much in common; 'in the good old days mums didn't go out to work, they all looked after their kids full time'.
Yeah, from about 1950-1980. Before that lower income mums worked and upper income mums had nannies. A minority of families had a fulltime stay at home mum until post WW2. Some how the generations before us survived without a full time mum at home.
And clearly people who can't afford the average morgage (around $2000 per month for a two bedroom shit box in Sydney or Melbourne) on one salary don't deserve to have kids.
In fact, poor people should just stop breeding.
That goes double for women who see benefit in their children being socialised outside the home
or, heaven forbid, are selfish enough to like their work.
Oh yeah, and your books suck.