Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cot for sale

Both the girls are now in 'big girl' beds and so I'm selling off our cot - hooray, one less thing in the house. I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone needs one or knows someone who does - if not I'm putting cot, mattress, mattress protector and cot sheets on ebay.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


A rare sighting of patterns for boys clothing...

And a lot of cute other patterns and fabrics and everything!!

CSI Yass

Let me set the scene for you: I foolishly let myself think I could have some time to relax and read a book. I decided to ignore the child climbing up on the kitchen counter and pulling stuff out of the cupboard and concentrated on the book. Big mistake. The next thing that happened was a scream from G. I then discovered that what her big brother had pulled out of the cupboard was every pair of scissors that I had hidden. Including a lovely rusty pair of gardening scissors which G had put in her mouth and cut her lip with. Blood pissed out everywhere and she ran away and wouldn't let me touch her. I ditched the bloody tissue that I'd tried to wipe her lip with and tried again with a wet washer. She ran into her room and tried to hide against the wall, leaving blood on the wall and dripping on the carpet.

At this stage I decided by the amount of blood dripped through the house that we should probably get her checked out so I put a nappy on her and carried her to the car, still covered in blood. On the way to the hospital the cut stopped bleeding, but she had a lovely mouth ring of dried blood and blood spatter all down her shirt. I then realised that I didn't have my phone with me and couldn't tell their dad where we were. I imagined him getting home and finding us gone and blood everywhere...

Anyway, we had to wait a bit at the hospital, and of course there was a miraculous recovery and running all over the hospital and giggling and general silliness. But finally we got in and got the lip cleaned up enough to see what she had done to herself. Fortunately the blades had only cut the top of the lip on the outside and slid sideways underneath rather than snip straight through, so we didn't need stitches. We didn't need a tetanus shot either, thankfully, even though the scissors had been rusty because she'd only had the last one 18 months ago. So we got back in the car and trooped off home again.

Strangely there didn't seem to be as much blood when we got back, although parts of the carpet will never be the same again. I'm wondering if G and Pers are secretly having a competition between themselves.

Serves me right for reading a book!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Contraception - Pope's got it all wrong.

You know, with the evening I have just had with Persmonster, I am currently asking myself why, for the love of little bunnies, did we not use some form of contraception about 11 weeks ago.

Hey Mindy, you must have had moments like these, did they all happen in the SAME evening???

It started with "Look Mummy!" and then she showed me the blue texta she found and the artwork on the kitchen wall. [1]

So then we have a bath and she gives me the loveliest back and neck soap massage and washes my hair. Isn't she cute? I'm going to recommend a career in massage. She's good!

Finished it off with a razorblade skin scrub. I have cuts all over my back now. They sting.[2]

So then I get out of the bath and dry off, try to fix myself up a bit. In the meantime, she has thrown a toilet roll into the bathtub. Nice. Papier mache, anyone?

and... manages to get into my cosmetics bag and find my folate tablets and get the lid off the bottle. They taste yucky, apparently (which is a Very Good Thing). [3]

At the same time, she found the mini travel tub of sudocream (also in my cosmetics bag). It was all over her and some of the bathroom. She came out to me painted in it, asking for cuddles when I growled at her. She also managed to smear it on the mirror in the entryway after I chased her through the house, trying to catch her and stick her back in the bathtub, before the bathtub emptied. It emptied.

Then she refused to go to her bed and went to mine instead (again with the cuddles). But I notice now she has just gone back to her own bed.

Oh and she let the hamster out of his cage. He just came over to visit me. I guess he wanted a cuddle too.

So by now you're probably all thinking I'm an irresponsible parent to leave all these interesting, but dangerous things just lying around the house.

Why, yes, of course I am hoping my child will top herself. GET REAL, WHO ARE YOU KIDDING???

[1] Where the hell did that blue texta come from anyway??? Last time I saw it, it had fallen down the back of the oven. Ayi????? (she's efficient, I'll give her that!)
[2] It was a 'safety' razor, hidden under a pile of magazines and books. Ayi must have dislodged it this morning and I didn't notice. Didn't notice Pers had it either because I couldn't feel the cuts until I went to rinse the soap off (thought she was using one of her toys to make patterns on my back).
[3] She pulled up a stool to get to it while I was in my bedroom, drying off and inspecting my wounds. I am really running out of hidey holes for everything...

So... still want to have us around when we come home???

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On Days Like This I Don't Like People

Just saw this today (I'm possibly a little behind the times):