Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On Days Like This I Don't Like People

Just saw this today (I'm possibly a little behind the times): http://blogs.smh.com.au/lifestyle/essentialbaby/archives/2008/10/on_days_like_this_i_dont_like.html



worldpeace and a speedboat said...

blimey. what a sh1thouse attitude. hasn't society come a long way?

saw your comment Wenchy, good on you ;-) have to say, though, it's certainly not just the baby boomers who are commenting like this. @rseholes are all ages, shapes and sizes.

Wenchilada said...

The baby boomer rant that I have is, I will agree, a seperate issue.

Thing is, I'm living in a country where there is a one child policy and honestly, while I get that they had to do something, I'm not sure this will do them any favours down the track. It'll be one big social mess.

And yet, it's arseholes like in the blog, that would call for something like this to happen in Oz because their taxpayer money would be funding it.

Margh, I just wanna slap somebody!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ooh the one child policy is already making waves... was a doco on it coupla years ago on the ABC. it followed a young bloke leaving the family farm to be a construction worker in the city because not only better money, there was a chance to meet a girl (or not). there were no available women in his village at all. so much for having a boy to make sure it would work the farm.

there's already... ummm... either 20 or 40 million more boys than girls (really can't remember but it was an astounding figure). which not only means a lot of depressed and/or desperate boys, but girls then become a commodity, in the current and future generations.

what a cr@p situation all round.

also, in looking at about 60-70 of those comments last night, most of the hostility came from people who are yet to have children (ie mid-twenties or younger), or are currently saving and planning towards a family (ie, our generation/s).

I find *that* especially cr@ptastic.