Sunday, July 29, 2007

I may regret this

I may have started a life long shoe fetish with these little things (they only came in pink). But I thought they were rather cute, and at $5 (BIG W on sale) will do a great job of keeping her socks on and her feet warm. She had a mini tantrum in the shop when I put them on her to see if they fit, then took them off again so I know she likes them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's too quiet

Had a job interview this morning, so in anticipation of starting the job, the kids are both at daycare today. It's Gemma's first day. She didn't cry. I don't think she realised what was happening. I was given the impression that if I got the go ahead for the job I could start tomorrow, although that now seems to be changed to next week. Anyway, I'm making myself wait until 3pm to pick up the kids. It's quite difficult. I'm dreading dropping Gemma off tomorrow morning, because this time she will know what's going to happen and I don't think she will be happy. I'm almost hoping that they ring back and say they have decided to go with someone else.

However, if I do get the job, it will pay for both kids' childcare, give me some much needed bling for the CV and it's only four days a week so I still get Friday off. But I don't get to have picnics in the tent on the verandah and chase the kids around in the mud. But I could pay the bills. I hate waiting for the phone to ring.

Update: Gemma cried this morning, so I got feeling guilty and upset so I decided not to wait for the phone to ring and called them. I start Monday. All I have to do now is find something to wear to work. I just realised that I haven't had to dress up to go to the office since late 2002.

I made it to 3.10pm before leaving the house yesterday, and I stopped for petrol. When I arrived Gemma just gave me a sunny smile and an 'oh you came back!' look. Charlie decided to stay until later so he could play with his friends. There was however a lot of cuddling later that afternoon and we had to put Gemma to bed three times before she finally went to sleep. I hope it gets easier.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The handy notebook

We have had an A5 brightly coloured bound notebook kicking about on our kitchen table for about 2 years.... Lately it has become the never ending list of bits of paper that need to be signed and contractors/builders etc that need to be rung. However in it's glory days we would occasionally write down absolute classics that come out of the mouths of babes. I would truly recommend it as a general habit as having a notebook handy to write it down in makes it 3000 times more likely that you will in fact remember it in more than 5 minutes time. I had forgotten these and was looking for any more papers/calls that we had forgotten to do when I came across two of the best:
"We had 2 budgies at kindy - Bluey and Squarky. Poor Squarky died & went to Kevin. Birdie Kevin, not people Kevin. Birdies go to Kevin, not people. After Squarky we had Budgerieguard. He saved people and kept them safe, but he didn't because he lived in a cage." circa Jul 06
"There's more love in the whole entire world than words" Jan 07.

And here's one that didn't end up in the book because I was driving home last night:
"Mum - what are booby traps? Do they hurt your boobies?"
try explaining it without laughing while doing 70km on the freeway in peak hour traffic....