Saturday, March 31, 2007

The 70's were a scary place...

And if you need any further proof - check this out...


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Toys and more - all yours!

Yes - the house is coming down and we're moving very soon. We have soooo many things that are not coming with us. Especially the toys! The 5 year old really doesn't need rattles anymore, nor the dinky and we have nowhere to store the swing set...

And there's a bunch of other stuff going as well - outdoor furniture, sheets, towels etc (all in reasonable nick) older crockery, large glass storage containers (Mouse do you want these?). I know the lead up to Easter is a bit mad - but if you guys aren't keen it's going to the op shops.

So please leave a message here saying if you are interested or mail me privately or better yet - call me, as I am in full chucking out mode from now til the weekend after Easter. If you can drop round and grab what you want that would be fantastic...

Cheers from the depths of a packing box....

Friday, March 16, 2007

Good home looking for size 00 and 0 clothes

Anyone got some they want to get rid of? The boy has grown and winter is coming on.

I'm not fussy with colour (tie-dying can fix stuff that is stained or pastel but otherwise serviceable).

And I now have a fair amount of 000 stuff to hand to the next baby. There is some stuff he never even got to wear.

And Wenchy. Where's your cunning Bonds store? I want to get the boy more stripeys.