Monday, January 29, 2007

Tips, Anybody?

We have 3 sleeps till our trip for two weeks in NZ. Just wonder if anyone's got any cunning advice or tips for o/s travel with a crawling 10 month old. We're going to Canterbury Faire, so sleeping in a dorm's probably going to be interesting, as we won't have a porta-cot with us.

Monday, January 22, 2007

We survived!

I just thought I'd publicly thank the boy for being so fabulous over the weekend.

We went to Queensland for the weekend to introduce him to the rest of the family. I'd prepared myself for a sleepless two days and screaming on the plane. But there was no trouble at all.

I fed him when the plane was taking off and landing to stop his ears hurting. On the way up he slept in Tops' arms. On the flight home he lay in my lap and made friends with the tray least I think that was what he was smiling at.

He had no trouble sleeping in the porta-cot. I suspect that it being hours past his regular bedtime on the first night helped him to sleep soundly. I also think he was comforted by the fact that we were in the same room as usual.

He charmed the whole family. He puked all over grandma and smiled heaps at the nieces (6yo and 2yo).

Now we are back and having a rest day. But thankfully it wasn't the stressful occasion that I was dreading.

Hooray for well behaved family.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Is it possible to take children out to dinner?

We went out for dinner, with the kids, last night for the first time in years. I think it's fair to say that by the time dinner arrived we were wishing we hadn't. At least without a strait jacket or restraints to hold Charlie in his chair. He was determined to go for a swim in the pool just outside the restaurant (motel restaurant in town that had been recommended). D took him outside to look at the pool, while explaining why he couldn't go swimming (ie you can't swim yet little man) and turned around to find Charlie in the process of stripping off. Finally he got him back into the restaurant with promises that he would behave, only to have him run off again, several times. So I just wanted to ask, is it possible to take small children with you when you go out to dinner, or should we just give up?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Nappies - reviews

Hi people,

I need a new brand of nappies.

We started with the huggies newborns (up to 5kg) since they were the cheapest. We grew out of those in 3 weeks.

Then we used the huggies infants (4-8kg). Now technically we aren't too big for these yet, but they just aren't able to take the ...erm... volume. We've had a few messy blowouts.

We've upgraded to huggies crawler (6-11kg) but these look massive on him.

So I'm looking for a disposable that is midway between these sizes. Also, in the bigger sizes, I don't think huggies is the cheapest anymore but I haven't had the leasure to stand in the shop and do the calculations.

Right now we are in cloth nappies thanks to a nappy service present from my ex-workmates. They aren't too bad but require a little extra attention since they don't have the space age technology to store moisture.

So what have you people used?

I suspect one nappy is pretty much as good as the next these days, but there may be some brands that are better than others.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Youngest mother ever was a 5 year old Peruvian girl

Check it out on snopes

This was one of those disturbing things someone sent me when I was pregnant, in the hope that I might stop whingeing.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have one of 'those' children

you know the type.
the ones who


I was one and this morning Oliver showed signs of continuing the tradition.
Middle of a temper tanty, I picked him up and held him and he bit me on the shoulder.

Oh yes, he was very popular then.

I had hopes that he would have a lot more of MrNw's temperament, but it appears otherwise.

Oh the horror

Saturday, January 06, 2007

The gap has started

Yes - wobbly tooth no. 1 has gone (thanks to an extra tough gingerbread man). Wobbly tooth no. 2 is going any day now... And yes the tooth fairy did her bit (thanks to Shirley Barber, my advice - avoid this author as loooong as possible - she can draw, not write).

I'm guessing we'll be singing "all i want for Xmas is my 2 front teeth" next year...

Friday, January 05, 2007

"All babies are in the 90th percentile"

according to Coz.

Which makes my boy perfectly average.

JR went for his 8 week check yesterday and scored 90% or more on all the tests. Yes, I've produced an over achiever. Who would have thought! :)

He looked so cute in the little weighing chair. Damn I wish I had the camera. He's 6kg! Some of that milk must be staying down... He has a tendancy to coat one of us in milk at least once a day...

The nurse remembered us too.... or at least she remembered the tie-dye.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Hi guys, happy new year and all that. I've buggered up. I went to move my blog to Beta and it's moved this one as well (probably clicked somewhere without realising). So now we've got three contributors and everyone else has disappeared. I will send out the emails again to everybody now. Sorry about the annoyance...