Saturday, August 18, 2007

Listen lady, I don't want to hit you with the pram anymore than you want to be hit by it!

I have to get this off my chest, it's been bugging me for quite a while now. Even before I had a kid in a pram of my very own.

So today at Westfields (big mistake, I should confine myself to never leave the house on weekends, apparently), I didn't lose my temper when:

a) The first lady stopped right in front of the escalator while I back peddaled to try not to hit her.
b) When another lady did the same thing.
c) When people going the same direction almost wandered into me
d) When I was constantly cut off
e) When I couldn't get into the lift because it was jam packed full of people who could have taken the escalator, or at least someone could have gotten out to let the person in the wheelchair in
f) When people walking towards me walked into me, couldn't work out where they were walking (I'm walking in a straight line here, people, it's not hard).
g) When the people in front of me suddenly stopped or slowed down so much I wanted to punch them in the head.

p, q, r, s, t!!!!!!!)

No. Didn't lose my temper at all. Was very good, you all would have been so proud.

But I did express some frustration, when the two Little Misses with their 80's rocker hairstyles, arse cracks and ughboots, cut me off, then slowed right down and I had to pull up so I wouldn't hit them, I had nowhere to go to get around them. It went down like this:

Me: "Oh, come on!" (Hardly a John McEnroe tantrum, no really, I was just exasperated at this point and it was almost a breathed sigh)
Little Miss Bumcrack glared then slowed to walk beside me, with her be-ughed grrlfraynd still moseying along infront of the pram "Well, you could have said "Excuse me", you know and been polite about it at least!"
Me: "I could have sworn at you, but that would have been impolite, you guys could at least watch where you are walking".
LMB "Redneck".

Yes. That's right. I'm a redneck apparently. I wasn't the one in the ughs, honey. And I'm slightly more classy than to show my arse-crack in public. Nice comeback, sweetheart (which is what I thought, after the whole thing happened. Tch! Hate that!)

And I almost stopped, handed them the pram and said "Fine. You navigate your way around a mall full of idiots then". But I didn't, because I was pretty cranky and it was time for me to go and be somewhere else before I gave them both a bitch-slap to the head, so I just twitched, sucked it up and walked off.

Redneck. Hmph...

Another time, I was in the lift, which was quite packed and this woman turned to me and told me I shouldn't be out in public. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was dressed appropriately, my hair wasn't offensive that day and I didn't smell, so I couldn't work it out. But of course, she meant the pram, Persmonster and I shouldn't be occupying space in the lift. Luckily, it was time for me to get out and I didn't have to be trapped in a confined space with yet another idiot, else otherwise, she too, would have received a bitch-slap to the head.

Call me old fashioned, but I've always been the type-o-gal who will hold doors open for people with prams, help them up stairs/onto trains and generally have enough nouse to stay the hell out of the way and be aware of my surroundings enough not to wander aimlessly into someone's pram.

So is it just me or is the population saturation of idiots on the climb? Is that across the board, or is it just Parramatta?

Oh and LMB if you read this? You should get your roots touched up, honey.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Warning - mulberry eating machine

I thought bananas were the ultimate baby food. Mr J thinks differently.

I've been going through the frozen berries in the freezer. Blueberries are pretty good but last season's mulberries are particularly popular.

The neighbours have cut their tree back hard this winter so I'm not sure how well it will produce in the coming season. So I need help in locating other mulberry trees to stock up for next year.

So. Does anyone know someone with a tree in the backyard? Especially if they don't like mulberries... Most people can't eat everything a tree produces. Do you know someone that will let the babies have the excess?

Mulberries season isn't for a couple of months, so I have time to locate trees and beg.

Oh, and come summer, there needs to be a blueberry picking expedition in Murrumbateman. Mindy, you may be invaded.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

total recall

I've been reading (as I'm sure you have) about the massive recall Mattel is doing for all of the lead-affected toys it has produced in China... but I've been too slack to find a comprehensive list of all the recalls. luckily, one of the articles I just read has a handy-dandy pdf, so here you go -

Mattel Voluntary Recall Information

and because a post without a photo just goes against the grain, here's a random piccy!

this is from the Play School concert a bunch of us went and saw a couple of months ago. I meant to blog it but caught a nasty bout of Teh Slack. the chick on the left is Angela Moore who used to be Shirley Purvis from the Castanet Club (for those of you ancient and/or hippp enough to remember). the pianist, Penny, was also from CC. they have a children's CD which sounds kinda cute. I might even fork out for it sometime. I heart Angela.

carry on!