Wednesday, August 15, 2007

total recall

I've been reading (as I'm sure you have) about the massive recall Mattel is doing for all of the lead-affected toys it has produced in China... but I've been too slack to find a comprehensive list of all the recalls. luckily, one of the articles I just read has a handy-dandy pdf, so here you go -

Mattel Voluntary Recall Information

and because a post without a photo just goes against the grain, here's a random piccy!

this is from the Play School concert a bunch of us went and saw a couple of months ago. I meant to blog it but caught a nasty bout of Teh Slack. the chick on the left is Angela Moore who used to be Shirley Purvis from the Castanet Club (for those of you ancient and/or hippp enough to remember). the pianist, Penny, was also from CC. they have a children's CD which sounds kinda cute. I might even fork out for it sometime. I heart Angela.

carry on!