Thursday, September 25, 2008

You Tube for Tots

Hi everyone,
I am at the stage when I am really looking forward to having no kids wearing nappies- but Sophie doesn't seem to be as keen for this to happen as I am!
Someone suggested that Bear in the Big Blue House and Elmo had some good video's that may help Sophie become more interested- but I couldn't find copies of these video's anywhere. Then I discovered the beta version of You Tube for young kids
I found both Bear and Elmo at Totlol- I don't know yet how Sophie is going to find these- but I found they were fantastic- they had M and I in stiches.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Which came first, the stereotype or the mechanise?

I went clothes shopping this morning for the Crankmaster J.

Specifically, I went to buy size 3 board shorts, thinking they would be cooler for summer and long to keep his legs from the sun.

When I finally got him wrangled to the right section of the right store, he seized on a pair of pink 00 tights. I explained that they were not shorts and completely the wrong size, but at least I could get something pink shorts for him. Or so I thought.

So 2 pairs of board shorts were found and 3 plain t-shirts for tie-dying. But there was nothing pink in the 'boys' section. Onto the pink section....

Apparently girls don't wear board shorts. I couldn't find any pink long shorts at all. Short shorts, skirts and even pink jeans, yes, but no long shorts. It seems that when you change from the boy's aisle to the girl's aisle there is no correlation in clothes. The styles and prints change dramatically from what the store deems 'boys' and 'girls'. I don't want to be told what my child should wear based on rules that he doesn't care about.

Okay, he is fixated on trucks, trains and cars. He fits that stereotype perfectly. But he also wants to wear pink. I think he should be allowed to.

Friday, September 19, 2008


You're meant to eat OFF it, Dodgy Corporation Pty Ltd.

China arrested twelve over baby milk scandal

China milk scandal escalates

Isn't there enough to be cranky about without cheap-arse stuff like this?

Monday, September 08, 2008

My God is Big

Number one Son attends a public school and they have scripture once each term. As I didn't put any religion on his school enrollment form the school rang to ask if it was okay for him to go. As there wasn't any alternative, apart from me coming to stay with him for the duration of scripture, I said sure let him go. The teacher said she thought the Proddie one would be more fun than the Catholic, so he goes to that one. I don't know who the teachers are, but he thinks they are lovely and they taught him two songs in the space of about 1/2hr so they are good at what they do.

The best bit is though, when he came home to sing for us this is what we heard:

My God is big
My God is mighty
Nobody is more wonderful
My God is evil

He wasn't actually singing evil - I could see his lips moving like in an old Bruce Lee film - but what came out was 'evil'. Most satisfying for his atheist parents.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Get Some Freaking Perspective!!!!!

There are many things that could be called child abuse.
Beating, raping or starving them for instance.
Putting them in childcare doesn't even come close.
No matter what Mem Fox says.
Comparing one to the other is insulting on so many levels.


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