Friday, September 19, 2008


You're meant to eat OFF it, Dodgy Corporation Pty Ltd.

China arrested twelve over baby milk scandal

China milk scandal escalates

Isn't there enough to be cranky about without cheap-arse stuff like this?


Wenchilada said...

Yes. The entire expat community here is (quite rightly) outraged. I'm just glad Pers isn't needing any baby formula anymore.

But THEN they're telling us that all dairy (milk and yoghurt mostly) is suspect at the moment. We've been using one of the safe brands thankfully and you can buy imported dairy products here too (which are expensive enough, whatch 'em hike the prices now!)

But still, it's pretty friggin dumb and my Chinese Logic song is once again appropriate.

Can't wait to come home. I really can't.

Wenchilada said...

And this just in from the Beijing Expat emailing list (of which I am glad to be on despite over a thousand messages a month...)

"Singapore has announced that White Rabbit (creamy / milky lollies or
candies)- one of my childrens' favourite lollies - a childhood
favourite of many expat kids - have tested as shown to contain
melamine. So this now goes further than just dairy.

Dodgy bloody bastards! That bit before where I said I'm looking forward to being home? Doubly so now. This is shit.

Mousicles said...

Yep. The news this morning is that they are testing some lollies in Australia. I would assume it's the white rabbits.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I was wondering how much info you were getting over there Wenchy...

yes, testing the White Rabbit over here. though really, would you trust a lolly called White Rabbit? Eat me!

Wenchilada said...

We get good information through the expat community emailing list, but bugger all from the gvt.

Needless to say, the supermarket next door is still selling the dodgy milk (but get this)


I have now switched to UHT imported from either France or NZ. I will never buy local milk again. It is just way too dodgy. If it's not the melamine that'll get you, it's the antibiotics and hormones that are pumped into them (we also don't eat alot of chicken either).