Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I have one of 'those' children

you know the type.
the ones who


I was one and this morning Oliver showed signs of continuing the tradition.
Middle of a temper tanty, I picked him up and held him and he bit me on the shoulder.

Oh yes, he was very popular then.

I had hopes that he would have a lot more of MrNw's temperament, but it appears otherwise.

Oh the horror


Mousicles said...

And biting back isn't an option?

I recently read a pamphlet about child discipline and the law. Apparently as long as you don't go for the head, face or neck and don't cause more than temporary pain you are in the clear.

I expect it would cause untold psychological damage but you can't see scars on the brain....

Okay. Bad idea.

fliss said...

The now-5yr old did occasionally - not as a regular thing. Getting bitten by other kids at daycare soon cured her of any retaliatory action... Other tip - unless absolutely necessary don't pick them up during a tanty. My mum always used the "yep - bet if you tried you could roll under the kickboards - go on" method of dealing with it. I used the stick them in their room til they've exhausted themselves method, but the best one i've heard was my friend in Denmark whose (at the time) 3yr old son was chucking a tanty in the checkout queue - you know - the full on the floor screaming kicking etc... Well she just got down there and did the same! Apparently the kid never chucked a tanty in public again... But boy, you'd need nerves of steel to try that!

Wenchilada said...

After a kick in the guts from tanty throwing, 'semi-conscious' little darlings (little pets, knew bloody well what they were doing because we made eye contact and there was no haze of anaesthesia there that I could see!) in recovery (a couple of times actually, the last time while I was pregnant), there's no way I'm getting that close again!

I'm taking a book!