Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's too quiet

Had a job interview this morning, so in anticipation of starting the job, the kids are both at daycare today. It's Gemma's first day. She didn't cry. I don't think she realised what was happening. I was given the impression that if I got the go ahead for the job I could start tomorrow, although that now seems to be changed to next week. Anyway, I'm making myself wait until 3pm to pick up the kids. It's quite difficult. I'm dreading dropping Gemma off tomorrow morning, because this time she will know what's going to happen and I don't think she will be happy. I'm almost hoping that they ring back and say they have decided to go with someone else.

However, if I do get the job, it will pay for both kids' childcare, give me some much needed bling for the CV and it's only four days a week so I still get Friday off. But I don't get to have picnics in the tent on the verandah and chase the kids around in the mud. But I could pay the bills. I hate waiting for the phone to ring.

Update: Gemma cried this morning, so I got feeling guilty and upset so I decided not to wait for the phone to ring and called them. I start Monday. All I have to do now is find something to wear to work. I just realised that I haven't had to dress up to go to the office since late 2002.

I made it to 3.10pm before leaving the house yesterday, and I stopped for petrol. When I arrived Gemma just gave me a sunny smile and an 'oh you came back!' look. Charlie decided to stay until later so he could play with his friends. There was however a lot of cuddling later that afternoon and we had to put Gemma to bed three times before she finally went to sleep. I hope it gets easier.


Mousicles said...

You are so brave!

There has only been one occasion so far when we both been away from Mr J and he was asleep for the whole time. It's going to be hard.

But it's getting to the time that he doesn't really need me specifically during the day so I should get the CV polished up and start looking for that perfect part time contract.

Good luck

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

hey Min, I completely forgot to say - lovely post. and now, how's it working out?

Mindy said...

Pretty good. The extra cash is nice, there is even some leftover after daycare is paid for which is a bonus. I'm enjoying being back at work, although I'm certainly not run off my feet. Gemma is adjusting to daycare and Charlie seems happier there too now that Gemma goes as well. I think it was the right time to go back to work.