Monday, October 23, 2006

Whinge about holidaying with kids

The Good Weekend Magazine has just published it's annual 52 weekends away, 21 of which are in NSW. Of those 21, 11 welcome children, two are okay with children 'by prior arrangement' and two are not suitable for small children. Of the ones that welcome children the prices vary from $140 per night for two people, plus $35 for extra adults and $20 for each additional child to $829 for a two night package for two people (0 - 12 yrs free if using existing bedding). So you are looking at a base cost of $160 for two adults with one child if you want one of the featured weekends away. So now starts the bitch. I find $160 a bit steep personally and I'm never going to want to spend $829 for a weekend away, even though it's a Peppers Resort. Where is all the nice weekend away accommodation for parents with kids that doesn't cost the earth?

Victoria is more child friendly,of the 21 featured 15 guest houses welcome children, and 4 accept children by prior arrangement except for the one that only allows children if other guests won't be disturbed - why not just say no children and be done with it? I know that my kids aren't everyone's cup of tea, screaming toddlers do tend to do your head in, that's why I need a holiday.

Prices are much the same as the lower end of the NSW scale, although some of the accommodation looks and sounds quite flash. I especially heart the one that provides a cot, high chair, change mat, linen and baby bath. I could almost pay the $180 per night high season, especially since it includes bed and breakfast basket, and would definitely be tempted by the $150 per night low season just because of the thoughtfullness of the proprietors for families with children.

I'm sure that there are places out there that cater for kids, are budget friendly and in places you want to visit. I just haven't found them yet. If you have been anywhere nice lately, make a comment. Please I need a holiday. Or if you think I need a reality check about quality accommodation and kids please let me know that as well.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

hey Min, my mum has a cottage on the south coast. email me if you'd like to rent it... we're always trying to cover some of the monthly maintenance fee.

I agree, accomodation is a bitch and not cheap.

Mindy said...

Thank you Speedy, that sounds like a plan.

fliss said...

Hi Min

This one was a personal recommendation from a friend with kids 6 & 3
Haven't tried it myself... Have also been looking at lots of holiday options recently and the Big4 type "holiday parks" = glorified caravan parks with cabins are a reasonably priced option and cater to families. Just google Big4 and you'll find them - there's hundreds around. A nice resource for "dreaming and we'll do it one day" is the website and the and

Haven't checked these ones out fully - but could be useful and

Mindy said...

Thanks for that Fliss. I knew there had to be someone out there catering to families.