Wednesday, February 28, 2007


We have had some rain, Yay!, so we have enough water and we can have visitors over Festival. So if you have a baby, aren't sure about camping with said baby and would like to pull up a piece of floor at Chez Johnson, you are welcome.

We have one guest room with double bed, one room with books in it, but plenty of floor space (and a door), and a large lounge dining room which doesn't have doors on it, so you might get visited by pussy cats. There is also a sofa bed in the family room. I have one portacot. I can supply a bit in the way of bedding, but depending on numbers it some might need to bring their own mattress. We are in NZ for the next couple of days so leave a comment rather than e-mail me.

If you prefer to try camping, you are also welcome to drop over to bath bubby, boil some water, use the fridge or microwave etc. We are about 10 mins from Festival site.

Also, if there is something that you really want to attend at Festival that isn't possible with babies, I will probably be here for most of Festival so some short term babysitting should be available most days. I'll probably pop over for Market Day, but that's about it.


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

ooh Min, I was meaning to email you in the past... well... month to tell the truth. but Slackness +6 prevailed.

I'm looking to bring The Dinghy and The Delightful Nanna down for friday and saturday nights (well, I think that's about as much of it as The Dinghy will manage). what's the chance of all of us claiming the double room?

Mousicles said...

Hi Mindy.

I plan to come down with portacot and airbed so as not to inconvenience you too much, I'm good with any floor space deemed suitable. But if there's a bed on offer I won't say no.

I've no idea how much festival with baby I'll be able to cope with but having a clean place to hide will be fabulous.

We'll possibly be coming down the weekend before festival to bring baby stuff, but it depends on how much gear we'll want. For us it will be a seriously minimal festival.... and that free space will be taken up with baby stuff no doubt.

Thanks heaps.

Mindy said...

Mouse, the sofa bed is still available, and I think the portacot too. Or if you prefer a mattress on the floor in Gemma's room (it has a door) and the portacot. We will be around the weekend before, so that is no worries. I can also supply baby bedding, bath, change table, most baby stuff required (except a microwave steriliser, I have a soak one) so if you want e-mail me a list of your requirements and I will let you know what I already have to save you bringing it. Gemma probably isn't using a lot of the stuff you might need anymore, so it should all be free for use.

Mousicles said...

Hey Mindy,

The less I have to bring, the easier it will be for us. I'll bags the portacot and sofa bed. I'll call you closer to time to see what I'll need to bring bedding-wise and how much complete upheaval to your lives you will tolerate for that weekend.

Thanks heaps. It will make life much easier for festival. We've lowered expectations and gear ideas and I think we may be able to make it in one trip.!

Mousicles said...

Once again, thanks Mindy for letting us invade your house.

We have your spare keys. I discovered them in the glovebox at Goulburn when I was looking for a new CD.

Still haven't found the spare dummy. Topsy has invented the safe place to beat all safe places! Lord of the Rings would have been a much shorter book if they had just given the one ring to Tops to put in the safe place...

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

that dummy will be -

a) at home somewhere because it never made the trip,
b) at festival site somewhere for a kangaroo to choke on,
c) under Mindy's house,
d) where the scissors were, just before they moved to being under the box where I found them.

we had the bestest time, Min. we need to find another excuse to invade some time in the future!

Mousicles said...

Just so you'll all be able to sleep :)

The dummy has been located.... It appears Tops put it on top of the food box and it must have fallen in.

The one true ring would have been discovered when someone got really peckish.