Tuesday, January 19, 2010

the sun may not always be your enemy


Sun may be a factor in food allergies

don't you think it's interesting that so far (touch wood) none of our lot have allergies, and we all have a relatively similar attitude to things like sun and germ exposure? there may be something, or of course nothing at all, in that.


Jacky Cheng said...

haha that would kinda suck if people had various reactions to the sun. or maybe it'd be cool. like if the sun made me (and only me) stronger or something...haha

Mousicles said...

There's no link to the original research paper. They also mention there is greater formula use in the south. That could be linked to income or fastidiousness.

Can't say I'm convinced with the research. Latitudes haven't changed in the last 10 years but alergy incidence has. Vitamin D could be a factor in the problem but I doubt it's the magic bullet.

It also doesn't mention similar trends in the northern hemisphere. That would be a bit more convincing.