Monday, February 02, 2009

Inside slide

We purchased a slide on the weekend from Sportsman warehouse, marked down from $200 to $50. Gem discovered it and was having a lovely time whizzing down it and wanted to take it home. I was about to grab her at the bottom and haul her back up the stairs, but stopped and picked up the price tag first, which was lying face down on the floor. $50 seemed to good to pass up, it will take kids up to 35kg (roughly 9 year olds) and so we decided to grab one.

On the way home, a crafty little voice from the backseat, belonging to Cha suggested that we could have it inside. This coincided neatly with me wondering where we could put it so it wouldn't get too hot to slide on. I was about to say 'oh don't be silly' when it occurred to me that keeping it inside would in fact be a great way of ensuring that it didn't get too hot. Slide builder, aka Dad also thought that putting slide together in the air con was a brilliant idea. So now we have an inside slide, which is really cool, except when the kids drag it into the kitchen when I'm trying to cook dinner.


Mousicles said...

What a lucky score. What clever kids.

We have to come visit again sometime soon.