Monday, November 10, 2008

Big kid.

Diamond head turns four

Party time

No to put to fine a point on it, being a parent is the best thing in my life. In all of my life, like forever and ever.Being with AJ is a joy. I loves everything about him.As a four year old he:
Has a squirmy warm body that is delicious to snuggle against
He laughs like a drain
He says stuff like ‘ I can’t walk, mum. My legs are broken’
His skin is gloriously soft and unblemished
Except for the bits that are bruised, scratched and lumpy
He’s incredibly empathic
He hides his embarrassment by putting his hands on his hips and sticking his tummy out
His language skills are a work in progress. Slow, slow progress.
He has a dreadful singing voice
He now knows the value of sucking up
He loves Ben and Toby best
He likes Darcy, but I fear he’s just not biddable enough to be a best mate
He loves Alfie
The new pigeon wants a puppy books makes him squeal with delight
He is Ben 10 mad
He’s quite fastidious about hand washing

Happy birthday Whizz Fizz. This mummy couldn’t be any happier than when you are snuggled in my arms.


DV said...

Happy Birthday AJ!!!

thanks for making your mum so happy.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

awww... what a delicious post :-)

happy birthday AJ!

Wenchilada said...

Hey little dude, happy birthday!