Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Tiny Astronomer

On the slide with the baby.

Baby points into distance.



"Where's the ball honey? I can't see any ball."

This goes on for twenty minutes.

As we're leaving the park I finally realise that the ball he's talking about is the Moon that's visible in the afternoon sky.

"No honey, I can't get that ball for you. That's the Moon."

"Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!"

"Sorry sweety, that's, like, a quarter of a million miles away (must Google that fact)."

"Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball! Ball!"

Baby proceeds to bitch and cry about the fact that I can't get the ball for him.

He's still obsessing about the moon after his bath and dinner.

It's funny, though, to think that in our age there is at least a very remote possibility that my little boy will one day stand on the moon.


Wenchilada said...

Like father, like son. That's just beautiful, Tops.

Mr Tops said...


First thing he did when he got up was walk to the back door, point out and say;


Wenchilada said...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...


my brother apparently had to say goodnight to the moon before going to bed every night. soooo cuuute.