Thursday, November 22, 2007

Clever babies

We all know our babies are the most beautiful and clever babies in the world, naturally, but did you know they were this clever?


fliss said...

what i love is how they figure out how to figure it out... specially with the littlies - because we're talking video cam & stopwatch here in order to get consistent readings... and usually only one presenter etc to reduce bias. Studying how kids wire their brains is amazing.

Mousicles said...

Being a lab rat is really funky too! The MARCS babylab studies are a hoot to participate in. I hope they got some data out of Mr J. I usually couldn't tell which sounds he paid more attention to. (but then I wasn't supposed to be able to tell what was going on so I couldn't bias the baby)

Mr J has given his opinion of speech pitch and various different languages.