Monday, October 08, 2007

who needs the fort at festival...

... when you can make one of these??

out of cardboard boxes. I found it at this site.
bring on the children's parties, I say :-)

check out their gallery to see what other people have done, it's pretty cool. I cross-posted at ForBattle! because I couldn't resist whacking up a piccie of the armour.

carry on.


Mindy said...

Good lord that's setting the bar a bit high!

In other news Gemma has finally decided to start walking!

Wenchilada said...

Way to go, Gemma!

That is one very cool castle!

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yeah, I reckon maybe we could make it as a communal effort one year and all the children could have a turn using it for their birthday ;-)

and hurray for Gemma walking! I know I've said it before... no really... we should come down and visit some time...