Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kids books at Australia Post

A tip from one of my mother's group mums who is also a primary school teacher.

Australia Post is selling sets of kids books really cheap at the moment. 4 Mem Fox books for $10 (author of Possom Magic) and 4 Graeme Base books for $20 (Animalia) and a bunch of other sets.

I found them in the Burwood Plaza post office but not in the Westfield one.

It's something to do with literacy week and it happens every year for a short time.

Good value I think.


fliss said...

Brilliant - got the Graeme Base & Pamela Allen sets for $30 - 8 books for $30? Fantastic!!
Unfortuntely the book we went into get at the shops was nowhere to be found. I need to go to one of the big bookshops kicking about in order to stock up on the entire Anne series. Have just finished Anne of Green Gables (a chapter per day as bedtime stories) and now missy wants to know what happens... I borrowed them from the library when I was a kid - might have to head over to the local library & see if they have them still. Of course I saw them about 6 months ago and didn't buy them - d'oh!

Mousicles said...

Libraries are brilliant things for common books.

And of course, internet shopping is always good for books you must have NOW.

I'm also a fan of the second hand bookshop, but you can't be sure what you'll find.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

yeah, I find second-hand bookshops alternate between joyous and frustrating :)