Monday, May 28, 2007

Little Bo-Peep - kindof

It's not sheep that have been lost but two bags of clothes. Girl's clothes - size 2. They would have originally been in two white shopping bags and come from Tina originally. Did anyone else acquire them because Tina and I have different recollections about their fate and now we need to track them down before Sophie has to run naked through winter (which if she's like any other small child I know would probably suit her fine but would cause consternation to both her parents and health professionals).

So do any of you girl children owners have clothes that have the size highlighted? (This is Tina's sister's method of marking clothes).


Mindy said...

Don't remember seeing any in the stuff I got from Louise's, I would have remembered size 2's. It's at the Mother-in-laws in Sylvania now if you want to check. The stuff I borrowed for Gemma is all zeros and ones.

Wenchilada said...

There was some teeny-tiny clothes that came to my place via DV, but went to Mouse and I gave some bags of clothes to Tina which came from a friend of mine (though I think the sizes were smaller). Apart from that, nothing else has come this way.