Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Little sister's revenge

D and I are waiting for the day that Gemma can take on Charlie and win. We suspect it won't be long now. She got in an early victory yesterday when Charlie, lying on the floor, had Gemma lying on his chest and was bouncing her up and down. She giggled and giggled and then 'cheesed'. On Charlie's face who, unfortunately for him, was laughing at the time. You can imagine the rest.

Just one of those difficult times when you are trying to be sympathetic, while trying not to collapse laughing at the same time.


Anonymous said...

good girl, gemma.
all youngest children out there salute you

worldpeace and a speedboat said...




Wenchilada said...

I cacked myself laughing at your post. I cacked myself laughing even more yesterday when, on meeting her Aunty Bronwyn for the first time, Pers not only managed the biggest sloppiest poo I think she's ever done, but managed to get it over the top of her nappy as Bron was giving her a cuddle and a pat on the bum.

And she managed to drool into Bron's mouth as Bron was holding her up while having another cuddle.

All pretty funny and considering Bron gave her mum and her brother (Mr C) a hard time and almost didn't make it to 2, this is kind of revenge I guess...