Saturday, September 16, 2006

Huge baby

I just saw a news bit about a 6 kg newborn, (omg Gemma is just over 6kg at nearly 5 months) and went online to see if there was anything on the interweb about it. I didn't find that story, but I did find one about a 7kg newborn, fortunately born via caesarian, in a Spanish hospital.

Photo EFE.

Apparently her firstborn was 5kg newborn, so they expected a big baby. That is one hell of a newborn.


Wenchilada said...


DV said...

Wow. Imagine even carrying that inside you. You wouldn't move for the last few months.
Oliver was 4.7kgs so if this is a common trend I really am never having a second one.

worldpeace and a speedboat said...

I have a feeling every bub is a different case. DV, you could still have a tiny slip of a thing next time round!

having said that, my dad's mum had 5 gi-normous bubbas. they were all more than 11 pound (approx 5kg). and she was a wee Scots woman. god knows how she did it.

and one of my aunts married into mum's side of the family had 4 bubbas of the same sort of weight. but we think she may well have had gestational diabetes for at least a couple.

I'm not sure when they started to work out the phenomena that is gestational diabetes. probably not in the early 70's, though.

Tina said...

Gestational Diabetes was given that name in 1979 because people it was thought women would take more notice of how serious it was at that time. However it was first noticed in the early 1800's and was treated from the 1940's.