Saturday, August 19, 2006

Time for a Rant

I was at Alex preschool on Friday for a puppet show- Murry Raine Puppets, it was really good!
I bumped into a member of the general public. She was giving her children muslei bars and the staff were taking them away because they have children who get anaphalaxis with peanuts at the centre. She was spouting off about how next year when the pre-school doesn't provide lunches anymore they would just have to stop these children from attending because it was too inconvenient for her to make sure that none of the food she was sending with her kids contained no traces of peanuts. I sort of made the comment that the allergy could kill children and she went right off about how those sort of children should not be allowed at a public preschool where she had to pay high fees for her children. If she was paying high fees her children should be able to eat whatever they want to etc etc.
I just thought it was a prime case of discrimination, just because some children were a bit different. Yes a lot of foods contain traces of nuts but there are a lot out there that don't and when her kids get to school they still won't be able to take these foods because the risk has become even greater, so schools are not letting children bring these foods to school anymore.
I also thought it was amazing how the problem was that it was incovenient for her, not that her children may have a hard time seeing their friends sick or that other mothers may have a difficulty etc. She pissed me right off. Mind you by this time Alex and I had decided we were not interested in this member of the general public so we had gone elsewhere, but she was still going off at the top of her voice to anyone withing hearing distance.


fliss said...

Start brainwashing your kids early is all I have to say about this one. Our 5yr old whirlwind understands that some kids get very sick from eating certain things. She understands that she has to be careful and that others can't always have what she does and that we have to take precautions when going to other's houses or when we are having people over. Luckily our school doesn't go down the "may contain traces" level - just bans anything with nuts/nut oil in it. But if it did I wouldn't consider it a major drama. Actually it's the kids with egg and milk allergies that have the worst time as schools would have riots if they tried to ban these... One tip I have is if you are sending cakes etc to preschool/kindy school - always tape the recipe on the box or cut out and tape the packaged ingredients list (who has time to make them from scratch?) to the box...

Tina said...

I agree,I don't have any trouble with it at all and I have talked to Alex about not taking anything with peanut butter or traces of peanuts to pre-school. We usually find plenty of things that he can eat. I just found it amazing that someone thought that other chilren should not come to pre-school because it was inconveneint for them. But then having lived with food intolerance all my life, as have you, maybe it was just something I accepted as normal and easy to deal with.